Search Command


dnf5 search [options] <pattern>...


The search command in DNF5 is used for searching packages by matching given keywords from the user against various metadata.

By default the command searches for all requested keys (AND operation) in Name or Summary fields from the RPM package metadata. Matching is case-insensitive and globs are supported.


Search patterns also inside Description and URL fields.
By applying this option the search lists packages that match at least one of the keys (OR operation).
Force the use of a specific architecture.
See dnf5-forcearch(7) for more info.


dnf5 search kernel
Search kernel keyword inside Name or Summary package metadata fields.
dnf5 search rpm dbus
Search packages having both rpm and dbus keywords inside Name or Summary fields.
dnf5 search --all fedora gnome kde
Search packages having any of given keywords in Name, Summary, Description or URL fields.

See Also

dnf5-specs(7), Patterns specification