Distro-Sync Command


dnf5 distro-sync [options] [<package-spec>...]


The distro-sync command in DNF5 serves to synchronize the installed packages with their latest available version from any enabled repository. It upgrades, downgrades or keeps packages as needed.

Optional package-spec arguments could be passed to select only specific packages to be synced.


Allow erasing of installed packages to resolve any potential dependency problems.
Resolve any dependency problems by removing packages that are causing problems from the transaction.
Allow skipping packages that are not possible to synchronize. All remaining packages will be synchronized.
Store the transaction to be performed offline. See dnf5-offline(8), Offline command.


dnf5 distro-sync
Sync the whole system to the latest available version of packages.
dnf5 distro-sync vim
Sync the vim package to the latest available version.

See Also

dnf5-specs(7), Patterns specification