Needs-Restarting Command


dnf5 needs-restarting [--services | -s]


The needs-restarting command determines whether the system should be rebooted to fully apply changes from package installations and upgrades. Without any options, dnf5 needs-restarting will report whether any important packages were installed or upgraded since boot. This set of important packages includes the kernel, systemd, each package listed here:, and any package marked with a reboot_suggested advisory.

The needs-restarting command will exit with code 1 if a reboot is recommended, or, when invoked with --services, if any systemd service needs restarting. If no action is recommended, needs-restarting will exit with code 0.


-s, --services
List systemd services that need restarting. If the package that provides the service, or any of its dependencies, have been updated since the service started, then restarting the service will be recommended. Note that this approach is quite aggressive to recommend a restart when one may not be strictly necessary.